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India Pak relationship

For a any successful foreign policy it is required that you know the nature, aims & intentions of your neighbors. It is sorry to say that we miserably failed on this front may it be Pak, Bangladesh or China. It will be more accurate to say that we hardly felt any need for this as well. We as a nation are satisfied with our territory but may it be Pak or China they are very much interested in expanding their empires. While China wants to engulf the whole Asia, the Pak wants to rule India again like their Muslim ancestors. They have made plans and are behaving accordingly. But we because of our innocence while dealing these brothers of Mohammad  Gouri  are failing badly & paying heavy price of our beloved land, money & valuable lives of our soldiers.
Before discussing the present Indo- Pak relationship scenario it will be better to go back in history. It is said- History if studied & discussed honestly happens to be the best teacher. Our history will help us in answering many questions like how Pakistan was born? Who is responsible for the partition of this great country? Why in spite of continuous & honest efforts of Delhi relations with Pak are not getting normal? Instead our all efforts badly  back fired. Here Hindi proverb seems right- मर्ज बढ़ता ही गया ज्यूँ ज्यूँ दवा की...!
          We know that ours is ancient country having a glorious past. We faced many invaders for last two thousand years. It is interesting to know that we have spent more years in battle field than the total age of many countries in the world. We fought, struggled with our full strength. Many times we lost but never accepted defeat permanently.
Our this period of two thousand years is mixer of defeats & victories.
The one thing to notice is that after defeating we  successfully digested these invaders within us. This is not less than any wonder. It happened only here in Bharat that we made them either to go back or get mixed with this great culture. We made great warrior of their time Shak, Hun,  kush an,  Mughal to love & respect our culture. Many of them accepted Hinduism and became part of this great nation. We had successfully started this process of  Indianisaton of Islam too but at the same time Britishers entered India. The clever Englishmen started process of breaking Hindus & Muslims who had fought together 1857 ie 1st war against England. Unfortunately our the then leadership could not understand the Britishers notorious designs. This way we can say that  the birth of Pakistan is failure of our leaders & victory of the cunning  Englishmen.
This glimpse of history will help us to understand the real problems with our cordial Indo Pak relationship. Actually our New Delhi always worked with the minority appeasement policy within & even outside when dealing with neighbors too. Delhi never dared to speak & follow the truth just with a theory that with our tough dealing with Pak our Muslims will get annoyed. This gave Pak's & some elements of our own Muslims brother S's  nuisance as well as a undue value & encouragement from its very birth.
Let's have a brief look on blunders committed by Delhi
We gave our countrymen's hard earned 55 crores rs as help to start Pak as a nation.
We stopped our army when we were to win a handsome piece of pak territory.
We lost on table but we won in the battlefield at the cost of our jawans.
We never talked of our prisoners of war of 1965 & 71 as well when we left their 93000 soldiers well fed for months. interestingly it was a world record but it was for no use for our  pow.
We left Pak unpunished for its Kargil misadventure.
We always took & dealt pak soft for regular unprovoked selling on border paying high cost of the valuable lives of our soldiers.
This list is very long then how can u dream peace with our neighbor who is always misdealt. U can Cant buy peace always. It should be good wish of all concerned. We will have to talk to pak in the languages it understands. We have to place shri Guru Gobind Singh's words as the guiding principles of our foreign policy- न भय काहू को देत है न भय मानत आप। first we have to work how China leaves Pak. And make America to understand Pak's designs. We should tell America that she Cant expect our favor while playing soft with Pak unless this our foolish child nation pak stops playing the game of terrorism. For this we should take the UNO to attack terrorists camps in Pak.
So We will have to draft our foreign policy on realistic ground to yield required results.

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